Emergency Plumber Melbourne


1300 138 973 | scottberkfeld@optusnet.com.au

Melbourne plumber, Scott has been a plumber for over 18 years. His highly developed skills, varies through all facets of Plumbing and Gas maintenance.

Melbourne plumber, Scott Berkefeld is so passionate about his vocation, he has become a member of the Master Plumbers Association, attending a wide range of seminars to enhance his knowledge and skills for plumbing Melbourne homes. He is also a “Bosch Hot Water Hero”.

“As an Accredited Green Plumber, I am able to evaluate the best water savings solutions to every home, saving both your money and our
precious water.”

Melbourne plumber, Scott at Guardian Plumbing Melbourne, believes that no job is too small and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your Plumbing or Gas maintenance requirements.

1300 138 973 | scottberkfeld@optusnet.com.au

One thought on “Emergency Plumber Melbourne”

  1. Scottie is an absolute legend. Last Christmas Eve our toilet backed up –
    the day before we were having 25 people coming over for Christmas lunch. It
    wasn’t a pretty job but Scottie did it without complaint. Guardian Plumbing
    basically saved our family Christmas lunch.

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