When to Call a Plumber

A good plumber can be easy to find, but a great one? Well, that might not be quite as simple. There are so many reasons why you could end up needing to contact an expert like one of our team members (who fall into the ‘great’ category if our clients’ opinions are anything to go by). But with so many things that can go wrong with your water systems at home, or even in the office, what exactly defines the line between a potential emergency and a project that won’t suffer a brief wait?

Knowing when to call a plumber

In most cases emergencies will be fairly obvious. Burst pipe that won’t stop gushing water into your kitchen? Emergency. Boiler that rattles slightly when it’s turned on? Probably something that can wait a little while. When our clients get in touch with us it often surprises them that we can usually talk them through the issue over the phone – even in emergencies.

For instance, if you are facing a burst pipe, the first thing to do is to switch all valves into the off position. This will stop water flowing to the pipe and will allow us enough time to pack our tools, turn up at your home and take care of the repair there and then. But what about issues such as damp, or a faulty boiler that only provides hot water when it feels like it?

In these cases it’s still well worth getting in touch with a plumber; especially if you don’t want things getting any worse. Water is one of those resources that we can’t live without, but boy can it cause a lot of damage if it’s not controlled efficiently. A leaky pipe within a wall might seem harmless, but if the water isn’t able to evaporate bacteria could quickly spread.

And that’s what leads to damp and mould forming.

If you notice a damp spot and it seems to be getting bigger, then it is probably there for a reason. In the best case scenario it might be fixable by opening a window at night to reduce condensation as you and your family sleep. In the worst case however, the damp could have affected your internal walls and that can lead to structural damage and weakening in general.

When in doubt, call The Melbourne Plumber – that’s a rule that we live by and one that we encourage all of our clients to adhere to. If you’d like a free, no obligation quote – or to book our expert services – just give us a quick call today and we’ll take care of the rest.