Ten Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know

If you are a homeowner, there will eventually be a time when you will need to call a plumber. While there is nothing wrong with this, it should certainly not be an everyday occasion. Here are some helpful tips that will help you take care of your system and make your calls to the plumber less frequent.

1. Keep sanitary products out of your toilet. This is a very common problem, and one that is easily remedied. Instead of using your toilet to dispose of these items, you should put them in the wastebasket. If you throw them in the toilet, there is a chance that they will eventually clog your drain and/or wreak havoc on your septic system. This applies to all products; even those that claim to be flushable.

2. Never pour oil down any of your drains. Many people believe that running hot water in the drain while disposing of oil is a great way to get rid of it. After the water is no longer running, the oil can becoming solidified as it enters the pipes. It is best to throw used oil in a sealed container and dispose of it in the garbage.

3. Avoid pouring hot water into your toilet. When you are cleaning, it can be tempting to use boiling hot water to remove any grime that has built up on it, but this would be a huge mistake. If the water you pour into the toilet is hot enough, it can cause the bowl to cleave. While it is fine to use warm water, you should avoid hot at all costs.

4. Don’t put tough or fibrous food in the garbage disposal. Things like meat skin, corn husks, avocado peels and onion peelings should be disposed of in some other way. When these types of foods are put in disposals, they can get caught and cause plenty of problems. It is also likely that your motor will stop working sooner rather than later.

5. Be careful when pouring old cleaning water in toilet bowls. There are many people who do this without realizing that sponges, brushes and other cleaning supplies are in there. In cases where they flush before realizing this, the toilet is damaged and it is absolutely necessary to call a plumber. Even if you don’t believe there is nothing in the water, it is always a good idea to double-check.

6. Avoid placing items on the top of the toilet tank. Many people place things like brushes, toilet paper and hair accessories there. You should be particularly careful about this since something can get jostled and land in the bowl. If this happens and you flush without noticing, it can damage the pipes.

7. Do not store wastebaskets underneath the sink in the kitchen or bathroom. Many people do this in an effort to be inconspicuous, but it is not a wise choice. Every time it is removed and replaced, it may hit the pipes located there. Once they are hit a good number of time, it can cause leaky, damaged pipes.

8. Pour hot water down the tub/shower drain every month in order to remove any excess debris that may have gotten lodged there. For best results, the water should be boiling. Things like hair and sop scum can build up in drains and create problems over time. Cleaning it out with hot water can help stop a problem before it starts.

9. If there is a problem that seems far beyond your scope, you should definitely call in a professional. While minor issues can be fixed with home supplies, like drain cleaner and plungers, you should not attempt to do anything you are not familiar with. Even if you believe that trying to do it yourself with save money, that would be a huge mistake. There are many people who try doing things themselves and they end up paying much more later than they would if they had called a plumber initially.

10. Grind ice in your garbage disposal every once in a while. The hardness of the ice will help keep the blades sharp. This may seem like something that is too much for your system, but it is actually quite effective. If you decide not to do this, it is likely that you blades will get dull faster than expected and you will have to replace the system.

There will be occasions when calling a plumber may be your only option. The point of the advice here is to help you avoid having problems on a regular basis. While it does help to have a good plumber on speed dial, your calls should be fairly sporadic. As long as you follow the advice here, you will minimize all of your plumbing woes.