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Bathroom Renovation Ideas from a Melbourne Professional

If you are planning to renovate or remodel your bathroom, you should consider factors like aesthetics, physical and automation needs (such as fitting a bathtub lift), as well as resale value.  For instance, data published in the 2015 Cost VS Value Report shows that homeowners can expect to recoup 70% of the total cost of bathroom remodeling. Below are some tips and ideas for bathroom renovations.


In general, bathroom lighting should not cast shadows on the floor or walls. To achieve this goal, you could install two ceiling-mounted or four wall-mounted lighting fixtures. In addition, the Lighting Research Center recommends paying attention to the brightness of lighting fixtures. For example, use a light bulb rated 450 lumens to illuminate the area around your bathroom sink.

Bathroom Storage

Besides the standard medicine cabinet, you can add bathroom storage solutions that suit your needs. A good example is installing a row of drawers/shelves/cabinets for storing dirty clothes, cosmetics, or personal grooming items. However, storage considerations largely depend on available space.


Use textured, non-slip flooring materials such as grout lined, matte finished, or sand glazed bathroom tiles to reduce the risk of slipping/falling and sustaining injuries. Furthermore, select water-resistant flooring options like porcelain, ceramic, or marble tiles. Remember, water-resistant flooring solutions are necessary if you intend to install subfloor-heating systems. Finally, water-resistant tiles are desirable because they are not prone to water degradation, which means they last longer than porous tiles.


To start with, consider installing mirrors to make your bathroom appear larger if it is small. Mirrors will also come in handy if you prefer more light-reflective bathroom surfaces. It is also worth noting that wall-mounted mirrors will blend in well and complement bathroom décor if you have a glass-enclosed shower area. Luckily, you can install mirrors that suit your bathroom décor and grooming preferences including wall-mounted adjustable or non-adjustable mirrors.

Bathroom Fixtures

When renovating your bathroom, purchase and install quality fixtures to improve the resale value of your home. According to a report published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), most homebuyers are willing to pay top dollar for properties that are in good condition, have quality fixtures, and require little or no repairs. Even if you do not intend to sell your home, quality fixtures are cost-efficient because they do not require costly and frequent replacements.


Before buying a bathtub, sit inside to make sure you can fit comfortably. Most people will fit comfortably in a bathtub that is about 60-inches long. At the same time, make sure it has a foothold, comfortable neck support features, and easily accessible water taps. Nevertheless, the size and type of bathtub that you can purchase and install will largely depend on bathroom space.

Hiring the Right Plumber/Renovation Company

Firstly, look for a professional licensed expert to provide plumbing or bathroom renovation services. Remember some local and state authorities require homeowners to comply with building codes when undertaking plumbing or renovation projects. You should also visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website or review sites like Yelp to evaluate the reputation of a plumber/renovation company before signing a project contract. Another factor to consider is liability insurance coverage. In fact, some states require contractors to have a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage. Finally, look for a professional/company with years of experience in the plumbing or renovation industry.


Renovating your bathroom is beneficial in numerous ways including making it more aesthetically appealing and improving the overall value of your home. To enjoy these benefits, install lighting fixtures that do not cast shadows, water-resistant floor and wall tiles, quality and durable fixtures, suitable storage solutions, as well as use mirrors to create illusion of space, reflect more light off walls, or complement bathroom décor and fixtures.