Gas Plumber Melbourne

When most people think of plumbing it can be easy to imagine water pipes, but at The Melbourne Plumber our team of experts also specialise in gas plumbing, too. If you ever notice the scent of gas in your home, why expose your family to potential danger? The first thing to do is get in touch with a reliable plumbing service that genuinely cares about your health and well-being.

And that’s exactly who we are. You might not know this but the scent within gas is added to the composition to make it noticeable should a leak occur. This can make it easy to know that you could be facing a gas leakage, as the only thing that smells like gas is gas itself. You’ll be pleased to hear that our team specialise in 24 hour gas plumbing services, making us ideal for emergencies as well.

How We Could Help You

If you’ve noticed that a gas pipe seems to be emitting the substance, if you can hear the high pitched hissing of a leak, or if you can smell gas from time to time, give us a call. Even if there’s nothing wrong, we can help by investigating the situation and rectifying it if necessary. You can’t put a price on the welfare of both yourself and your family, so don’t leave things to chance.

We don’t just deal with emergency gas leaks in Melbourne either; in fact, we also specialise in the installation of new gas features, the maintenance of existing ones and the repair of any pipework and fittings present. Give us a call today for a quote, or to hire our team.