Bathroom Renovations

The Melbourne Plumber now provide Bathroom Renovations!

At Bathroom Renovations Melbourne, we enjoy nothing more than helping our clients to enjoy state of the art, fully equipped bathrooms with minimal fuss. We take care of the technicalities, we prioritise your wants and needs and we focus on affordable packages for all budgets.

From small bathroom renovations to the largest spaces; our team are on hand to offer help and support from the offset. We can assist with minor bathrooms remodelling projects, right through to extensive re-designs and everything in between.

Bathroom renovations have the capacity to breathe new life in to your home. Starting the morning off by getting ready in your dream bathroom can set the atmosphere for a fantastic start to the day ahead. There are a number ways in which a bathroom can be renovated. The project can be a simple as redoing or replacing the bath tub and/or shower stall, installing new cabinets and countertops or to ripping everything down to its studs and creating a new space from scratch. The expanse of the renovation will largely depend on your budget and the outcome you would like to achieve. Below is a list of some reasons to renovate your bathroom:

Increase the Value of Your Home

The greatest benefit of bathroom renovations is arguably the boost in the value of your home. Experts estimate that on average, homeowners will get back 71 cents from each dollar spent on renovating the bathroom. Therefore, not only will you be able to enjoy everything that goes into having a new space, but you will be able to get back a majority of the investment if your home goes on the market. Potential home buyers place importance on renovated bathrooms and as such, these homes tend to be sold faster than homes with outdated bathrooms.

Fix Problems That Exist

A bathroom renovation can be the perfect solution if the tiles are loose or broken, the cabinets that are falling apart or you have leaking valves in your bath tub or shower. Any leak can result in the spread of mold in your home; this is something that should definitely be avoided at all cost.

Create a Personal Escape from Reality

There are only a few thing more soothing or relaxing than spending some quality time in your custom-built bath tub or shower. In addition, choosing calming, warm colored lighting can provide a remarkable way to relax as you prepare for your day. It also sets the perfect tone for unwinding from a hectic day with the children or after a busy day at work.

Increased Storage Space

You may need additional storage space because your family has increased in its size or maybe just your linens, toiletries and other supplies have outgrown your current space. Regardless of the reason, if the space is drowning in people or products, it is time for a renovation. Whether the addition of a few cabinets is needed for the bathroom or it requires a complete remodel, the ultimate outcome will be a roomier and more comfortable space that reduces the volume of clutter. Each household member will also enjoy more privacy and convenience.

A Change is Needed

Sometimes the best motivation to renovate your bathroom is simply because you are not happy with how it currently looks. It could be that you have updated other areas around the home and the bathroom no longer fits the colour scheme or needs work to get to the standard of rest of the home. Perhaps you would like to incorporate a beachfront or rustic theme in each space of your home. Making a decision to renovate your bathroom can be as simple as choosing to try something new and fresh.

Bathroom renovations provide the perfect opportunity to add value to your home, update the style of the bathroom and make it more adaptable to your existing needs. Renovations give you the best opportunity to introduce enhancements to the bathroom that will serve you and members of your household for many years to come.